The creative project will be a blog post with a set of videos compilation. The main
content of my creative project is basically about famous American YouTubers: Logan Paul and
Rice Gum visiting Asia, behaving disrespectfully and making race discrimination towards local
Asian people. The compilation gathers original clips of the vlogs (trip to Japan and Hong Kong)
and reviews of other netizens. There will also be a comparison of Rice Gum and Logan Paul
since their race is distinct despite being born in States which can help draw similarities and
differences from the racial discrimination.
The reasons of making the compilation are to offer a holistic view in different
perspectives, letting audience understand the case not in one single way, platform and stance.
My idea of creating this creative project is to create an intensive newsroom which is usergenerated
and for people to browse and comment on this case. Blog post would be a good
choice for the project since it can embed tons of videos and pictures in one place and also
having a comment section. Moreover, I would also publish to blogs through social media
platforms like Facebook with a view to letting mor